Letters to the Editor

The test for teachers

Aug 9 2022, 6:04 AM

The recent article by Peter D'Auria implied that the passing scores should be lowered for the applicants from less advantaged and less privileged schools and backgrounds. 

As a Black person in this country, this is another form of racism. Is he saying we should have affirmative action for minorities and also the poor because they are too stupid to meet the necessary requirements required to succeed in school or to do the work required? 

I usually score the highest on any test I take. Any lowering of standards only adds to the stigma many whites already have of people of color.

Offie C. Wortham

Editor’s note: As reported in the story, changes in the Praxis test requirement for teachers is being considered by the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators, a state body that oversees licensure and professional standards for teachers.