Letters to the Editor

Reducing teacher competency?

Aug 11 2022, 6:01 AM

How sad that we are having a conversation on lowering the standards for schoolteachers, as suggested in a recent article by Peter D'Auria.

He begins his article by offering a basic math problem and asks if anyone reading the article might have trouble with solving the problem, and then implies that any difficulty with finding the solution is proof the Praxis test is overly difficult. 6

Well, yes, some might find it difficult and maybe those that do should consider another profession? In my opinion, we should not be watering down the standards for teachers to attract more candidates, but instead should make the job more attractive in terms of pay and benefits to create a wider pool of applicants.

For what it's worth, just because you want to be a teacher is not the same as being qualified for the profession of an educator. And, as in life, everyone cannot be anything they want; most of us have to settle for what our education, experience and training allows us to.

Tom Kauffmann


Editor’s note: As reported in the story, changes in the Praxis test requirement for teachers is being considered by the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators, a state body that oversees licensure and professional standards for teachers.