Letters to the Editor

Don’t lower the bar for teachers

Aug 11 2022, 6:04 AM

In your article on the Praxis test being too hard for teachers to take and wanting to eliminate it for teacher licensure, the math problem you gave as an example is one most middle schoolers could do. 

I needed to take this test to renew my teaching license after being home with my children for about 10 years. Since I hadn't done algebra for many years, I bought a Praxis practice book and studied before taking the test. I passed on my first try. Prospective teachers should do the same and study the test prep materials if they feel they aren't ready for the Praxis. 

We shouldn't lower the bar so they don't need to put in time and prep for the test. If someone doesn't pass the test after multiple attempts, they are either unwilling to put in some study time or they don't have the basic skills needed to be regarded as a teacher. 

Either way, you don't want to lower the bar on who is educating our children and allow someone without basic skills or who is unwilling to study for a test to be the person helping to shape our children.

Susan E. Marvin


Editor’s note: As reported in the story, changes in the Praxis test requirement for teachers is being considered by the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators, a state body that oversees licensure and professional standards for teachers.