Letters to the Editor

Why should our quality of life be damaged?

Aug 11 2022, 6:07 AM

I must take exception to Susan Robbins’ sanctimonious remarks about the previous commentary by Laura Waters. Connecting Higher Ground with global warming may be a stretch, but so is Ms. Robbins' assertion that those who object to the possible disruption of our home lives by a problematic business are not without genuine concerns. 

Ms. Robbins certainly has the right to disagree but her mystification with those who have questioned the size and impact of a large concert venue tells me that she hasn’t been listening to those who she dismisses as “hysterical.” She also misrepresents the reality that many of us near the proposed venue have lived in our peaceful neighborhoods for many years and have good reasons to be wary of the newcomer businesspeople who have arrogantly dismissed concerns about late-night noise, traffic snarls at a one-lane bridge, and potential contamination of wells and Shelburne Bay from the toxic wastes that have been found around the Burton plant. 

It's not hard for me to see how the Burton property is attractive to the Higher Ground consortium and, to be clear, I would like to see a scaled-down project that would provide a nearby music venue in the South End of Burlington. Call me what you will, but I think that, after being a respectful neighbor in Queen City Park for almost 40 years, I have the right and responsibility to try to preserve the quality of life that I and others have enjoyed.

Jed Lowy 

South Burlington