Letters to the Editor

Inflation Reduction Act will help climate  

Aug 14 2022, 6:04 AM

Did you notice that it's been a bit warm lately? Do you think that this could be related to global warming? Are the icecaps melting and the oceans rising? Are storms more severe with increased flooding? 

Do other areas experience droughts with uncontrolled wildfires? Are ecosystems being destroyed by the changing climates? Are we able to produce enough food for the world's population?

Burning of fossil fuels over the past century has emitted tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, which entraps heat (the so-called greenhouse effect). At times, there has been a feeling of hopelessness and a fear that global warming has already gone too far to be reversed. 

How can we possibly stop this runaway train? For decades, government and industry have not stepped up to provide solutions. To give an idea of the stupidity that exists, former President Trump thought that global warming is a hoax, and withdrew us from the Paris agreement.

Recently, with passage of the Inflation Reduction Act by the Senate, there has been a glimmer of optimism. Over $370 billion will be spent for energy and climate reform. This represents the most significant climate investment in U.S. history. Businesses will get incentives for deployment of lower-carbon energy sources. Consumers will get incentives to make cleaner energy choices.

Hooray for the Democrats who pushed this through. Curses to the Republicans who resisted every bit of the way. This alone is reason to vote Democratic.

G. Richard Dundas