Letters to the Editor

Sex slavery in Vermont

Aug 16 2022, 7:01 AM

Finally one of the many houses of prostitution in Brattleboro has closed. This was a special house of prostitution where the women involved had no choice. 

All of the news articles I have read correctly identified the victims as victims of human trafficking. Although this term is correct it does not convey the full horror of what has been going on in our community. These women were sex slaves. 

There are more slaves in Brattleboro and all over Vermont right now. In fact, slavery is alive and well in the United States. Wikipedia tells us, “The practices of slavery and human trafficking are still prevalent in modern America with estimated 17,500 foreign nationals and 400,000 Americans being trafficked into and within the United States [2] every year with 80% of those being women and children.“ 

Yes, you read it right. Children in addition to women. In addition to sex slaves we also have domestic slaves and agricultural slaves. 

Should anyone want to find out more I recommend the book The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today by Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter.

Norma Willingham