Letters to the Editor

Benning an anti-Trump moderate?

Aug 21 2022, 7:01 AM

A recent Digger article about Republican lieutenant governor nominee Joe Benning strikes me as inaccurate. 

Your writer described Benning as an anti-Trump moderate. Living here in Caledonia County, I have followed Sen. Benning's comments and voting record for years. On the one hand, he published a piece in the local Caledonian-Record that contained a fairly scathing and accurate critique of Trump's reckless disregard for lawful behavior, extremely poor leadership, etc. 

In checking into a Facebook post he made to Caledonia Republicans he was sure singing a different tune during that same time period. Benning could hardly contain his enthusiasm for Trump's success, describing him as having received more votes in the NEK in 2020 than in 2016. 

Which Joe Benning would voters seriously be considering? Is he merely seeking power or does he really make use of a moral framework of some sort?

Bill Coleman