Letters to the Editor

Why are those anti-choice letters so alike?

Aug 23 2022, 7:04 AM

Anyone else noticing certain similarities in many of the letters opposing Article 22-Reproductive Liberty?

On the one hand, the authors invent perceived issues with the proposed amendment’s wording, imagining potential future dilemmas. On the other, the writers claim that there is no need for protection of reproductive liberty because, well, you know, we’re “Vermont.”

The likenesses of so many of these letters makes me question whether all these writers have come to their conclusions organically and independently of each other, or is there something deeper afoot? Is that the scent of something homegrown, or the odor of corporate-funded, out-of-state think tank messaging?

Please do not be fooled by these letters. While reproductive freedom is certainly safer here now than in many other states, please remember that not so long ago most of us believed that reproductive rights, based on Roe v. Wade, were inviolable in our country. Enshrining reproductive health rights into our state constitution now will make it more difficult to remove them later. 

After SCOTUS’ betrayal, it makes no sense to believe that the powerful, well-organized anti-choice interests will be satisfied with just half of the pie.

Article 22 will help safeguard freedom of choice in Vermont. Please vote YES for Reproductive Liberty.

Brian J. Walsh