Letters to the Editor

Trust Vermonters with their health care decisions

Aug 25 2022, 7:10 AM

Trust Vermonters to make the best decisions about their bodies and their lives.

It’s crucially important to vote YES on Article 22 which will appear at the top of your ballot in the November elections. A YES vote protects reproductive rights that have existed in Vermont for half a century, ensuring that the rights we rely on today won’t change tomorrow.

More than 70% of Vermonters approve of the Reproductive Liberty Amendment, or Article 22. They are Vermonters of every political stripe who believe in every Vermonter’s right to make their own reproductive decisions without interference from others who have no idea of one’s private circumstances. It’s that simple.

The Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe felt like thinly-veiled contempt for the rights of people who can get pregnant. This was the first time the court has abolished a constitutional right — a right of liberty and dignity that was hard-won by millions of people alive today who fought for its recognition. 

If you grew up during the ’60s as I did, you may recall friends who were sent away in shame and secrecy to birth a baby, taken away from them because they could not assume maternal responsibility. There was virtually no education and no choice — no liberty and no dignity. I don’t want my sons, their wives or their children to live under the draconian laws that so many state legislatures across the country are adopting.

People of good faith can respectfully disagree, but should not restrict another person’s private decision. 

I strongly urge you to vote YES on Article 22. Trust people to make the best decisions about their bodies and their lives.

Randall Perkins

Manchester Center