Letters to the Editor

The United States of Amnesia

Aug 28 2022, 7:04 AM

Stop the Bleed, is our first presentation

on our first day back,

“A teacher, or a child;

This procedure could’ve

saved lives”



“Use these three techniques:

pressure, packing, and tourniquet”

a canoe filling with water,

a plumber fixing a leaky faucet

“Let’s practice!”

the rubber limbs, dotted with red,

star shapes,

lie scattered on

the tables,

like macabre centerpieces

“Push the gauze in deep to stem the flow”

and like obedient magicians performing

a slight of hand, the white begins to disappear,

“You’ll be surprised how far the packing will go!”

“Well, it looks like the sun is out

and it’s stopped raining”

We crane our necks toward the clearing sky,

“After lunch, it’s Active Shooter Training”

Peter Bruno