Letters to the Editor

Back the blue

Aug 28 2022, 7:08 AM

So the Chittenden County State’s Attorney's Office and their leader Sarah George wants the Vermont State Police to issue a criminal citation for “excessive force” to a police officer?

Ms. George specifically is reviled by law enforcement countywide over her “catch and release” criminal prosecution policies.

The once proud Queen City of Vermont is overwhelmed with crime and shootings after the “defund the police” squad and their social justice acolytes have hamstrung the cops with their high ideals and no solutions to the resultant criminality.

When an officer says there is NO probable cause and the State’s Attorney’s Office wants the officer charged anyway? That reeks of revenge against the police officers of Chittenden County who voted against Sarah George’s leadership and policies in the recent elections.

Perhaps if prosecutors actually went on patrol and saw the disrespect and abuse officers deal with daily it would change their outlook. But, probably not. Between the Burlington City Council and the State’s Attorney’s Office, police officers are on their own.

The voters in Chittenden County who put Sarah George back on her throne deserve what they get.

Back the blue!

William J Wolfe

Burlington Police (Retired)