Letters to the Editor

We invite you to write considered responses on topics covered by VTDigger. The letters will be published several times a week, depending on the number submitted. They will appear on the front page of VTDigger and at this archive. To submit a letter, complete the form here.

At a time when the delivery of first-class mail has become very unreliable, a large, multicolored postcard arrived in my mailbox at home, purporting to be from someone calling itself […]
I have questions regarding the article titled “The Alchemist abandons plastic handles for its 4-packs.”  Although I applaud all these breweries for using environmentally friendly packaging, I am concerned about […]
A surprising avoidance in Digger’s fine reporting is the lack of publication of the hugely inflated salaries of UVMMC’s executive monarchy — which is, indeed, the root of the corporation’s […]
The criticism of the federal government's student loan debt programs, of which it will cancel up to $10,000 in student loan debt, should first be considered in the light of […]
The commentary on Aug. 19 titled “Every right comes with responsibility” was misleading and fear-mongering. As well as the letter to the editor titled “Abortions up to birth” on Aug. […]
So the Chittenden County State’s Attorney's Office and their leader Sarah George wants the Vermont State Police to issue a criminal citation for “excessive force” to a police officer? Ms. […]
I am appalled at this giant giveaway of money to people who took student loans. I worked so hard to put three kids through college without loans. We took a […]
Stop the Bleed, is our first presentation on our first day back, “A teacher, or a child; This procedure could’ve saved lives” Alas, Alack “Use these three techniques: pressure, packing, […]
After the defeat of Liz Cheney, The Lincoln Project (an organization dedicated to protecting democracy) says, "Tonight, the nation marks the end of the Republican Party. What remains shares the […]
It does not matter if anybody is aborting babies right up to birth yet. What matters is Vermont law allows abortion right up to birth with no restrictions, no regulations, […]
Trust Vermonters to make the best decisions about their bodies and their lives. It’s crucially important to vote YES on Article 22 which will appear at the top of your […]
Over the past few days, I have read with horror, accounts of how a young man, in the throes of a severe mental illness event, was shot in the leg […]
Vermont voters are once again experiencing state news media narrowing their range of vision to primarily one candidate, incumbent Gov. Phil Scott. While criticisms on this subject have brought about […]
Anyone else noticing certain similarities in many of the letters opposing Article 22-Reproductive Liberty? On the one hand, the authors invent perceived issues with the proposed amendment’s wording, imagining potential […]
Brought back memories when I saw Bill's story about riding the train from Waterbury to New York, New York. My parents did the same thing with me around 1955 when […]
I urge people to cease trying to ban historical items from sale at fairs, EVEN if you find them reprehensible. They are hard, decisive proof that those eras and practices […]
Ethan Hawke recently said that he has written Pope Francis a letter asking him to emulate his namesake, St. Francis of Assisi, who marched into the fifth Crusades to meet […]
A recent New York Times/Siena College poll, found that 76% of Republicans still think that Donald Trump merely “just exercised his right to contest the (2020) election.” Trump lost the […]
Let not Vermont set its mark as first in the nation as baby killers. Vermont is better than this. Let us vote NO on Proposal 5 as it is written.   […]
A recent Digger article about Republican lieutenant governor nominee Joe Benning strikes me as inaccurate.  Your writer described Benning as an anti-Trump moderate. Living here in Caledonia County, I have […]
My guiding principle, as a women’s health practitioner for 28 years and as a birthing center nurse for 10 years, was that I trusted women to make informed decisions regarding […]
Kevin Mullin, chair of the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB), called our state’s health insurance premiums “unaffordable” back in 2019. Those premiums have risen since then, and the GMCB just […]
While there has been great fuss and fury among Republicans about Liam Madden's victory in the primary, I don't see anyone looking at the numbers of voters who actually participated. […]
Still have high covid here and with an outbreak at a camp in North Hero that had to close early. Because of that, time for Covid lockdown again. The governor […]
Will you be able to afford double-digit rate increases of your health insurance in 2023? If not, please write to Governor Scott and your legislators! As reported in VTDigger, the […]
As a student intern with the Vermont Public Health Association, I want to comment on the recent Supreme Court decision that suppresses reproductive health rights, and highlight the public health […]
The attached map of Montpelier's water main breaks in recent years doesn't yet include the five new leaks just this week under School Street, and probably omits other recent breaks […]
Finally one of the many houses of prostitution in Brattleboro has closed. This was a special house of prostitution where the women involved had no choice.  All of the news […]
The Green Mountain Care Board just approved double-digit rate hikes for Blue Cross Blue Shield and MVP Health. Blue Cross gets an 11.7% rate hike for small businesses and an […]
Did you notice that it's been a bit warm lately? Do you think that this could be related to global warming? Are the icecaps melting and the oceans rising? Are […]
On Nov. 8, Vermonters will vote on whether to add the following proposed amendment to the Vermont Constitution: Article 22 (Personal Reproductive Liberty) That an individual’s right to personal reproductive […]
Financial hardships brought on by Covid-19 have exacerbated Vermont's housing affordability crisis. However, many Vermonters are unaware that the American Rescue Plan Act provided funds for the Vermont Emergency Rental […]
Responding to Bill Schubart’s posting in VTDigger on Aug. 7: So refreshing to read a note of common sense when the madness of more guns, more prisons, pitiful health care […]
I must take exception to Susan Robbins’ sanctimonious remarks about the previous commentary by Laura Waters. Connecting Higher Ground with global warming may be a stretch, but so is Ms. […]
In your article on the Praxis test being too hard for teachers to take and wanting to eliminate it for teacher licensure, the math problem you gave as an example […]
How sad that we are having a conversation on lowering the standards for schoolteachers, as suggested in a recent article by Peter D'Auria. He begins his article by offering a […]
No doubt some women regret having had abortions, especially if they suffer religious guilt. And no doubt some regret not having had abortions, though they may not feel free to […]
Many of us celebrate local businesses and the concept of entrepreneurship. We take great pride in the success stories of entrepreneurs who make a difference. Yet, Vermont is ranked No. […]
The recent article by Peter D'Auria implied that the passing scores should be lowered for the applicants from less advantaged and less privileged schools and backgrounds.  As a Black person […]
It appears that the housing shortage in the state is causing many employers to lose top prospects.  I think the state should offer those of us who want OUT of […]