Letters to the Editor

The Alchemist’s new 4-packs

Aug 30 2022, 7:07 AM

I have questions regarding the article titled “The Alchemist abandons plastic handles for its 4-packs.” 

Although I applaud all these breweries for using environmentally friendly packaging, I am concerned about the way this packaging is going to be composted. The fact that it is compostable does not mean it will be composted easily. This type of packaging is very difficult to compost and from what I understand (I hope I am wrong) there are no facilities that can handle this type of packaging in Vermont. Also, in general, people confuse compostable material, biodegradable material and recyclable material.

I am grateful that we are looking very hard at removing plastics from our manufacturing practices. However, I am not really optimistic about certain products when there are no known ways of composting/biodegrading/recycling certain materials. I would love for VTDigger to dig into this further and inform us about the state of the recycling/composting/biodegrading business in Vermont. Thank you for all the great work you do.

Emmanuelle Soumeilhan