Keith H. Frantz, hippie turned CPA

Keith H. Frantz, 67, died with grace Tuesday September 10th, 2019 on his back porch surrounded by green mountain views, late summer birds and his loving family in Richmond, Vermont.

Keith was born in Syracuse, New York on December 4th 1951 to John and Vivien (Rowan) Frantz. He has revered memories of his childhood spent in Green Bay WI, Hyattsville, MD and Forrest Hills, NY. 

After attending American University in Washington D.C. his hippie tendencies and a strong desire to live mortgage free brought him to Saranac, NY where he built a log cabin with his brother, Jay. The Adirondacks became a favorite backdrop for his love of outdoor adventuring; hiking, pond hopping and cultivating friendships with his like minded “cabin boys” and “poker buddies”. 

During this time Keith pursued a career that brought him 40 years of professional fulfillment,  treasured relationships and independence - he traded in his ponytail for a CPA certificate, opening his own practice in Plattsburgh, NY. He never overcame his allergy to neckties but his loyal clients didn’t seem to mind and he was forever grateful for their continued support of his financial advice (which he loved giving, solicited or not). 

Keith was a lifelong seeker of spirituality; practicing meditation, yoga, mindfulness and gratitude far before it became mainstream. His unwavering belief in the law of attraction, acceptance of what is and universal love brought peace to him and many others who had the privilege of listening to his musings. He was a born teacher and conversationalist, he enjoyed sharing his perspectives on philosophy, politics, sports and tax law.

Keith was an avid reader, he loved books and sharing them. To honor his father, a librarian, he served as trustee for the Richmond Free Library from 2014-2019.

Family Information

He will be deeply missed by his beloved wife and soulmate, Anne O’Brien; daughters, Robin Frantz (sp. Zachary Hunter), Hannah Gillian (sp. Eli Gillian) and Molly Frantz as well as his cherished grandchildren, Jorah and Sullivan Hunter and Lila Gillian. He will also remain in the hearts of his step children, Rebecca, Josiah and Luke Bergeron and countless other friends and family with whom he shared his life.

We would like to express sincere appreciation for the guidance, support and care of Dr. Jaina Clough, Natalie Martin, RN and the staff of UVM Home Health and Hospice.