Joseph Baxter, optimist, wonderful brother, and good friend

Joe Baxter, a good brother, who passed away after battling cancer on July 2, 2020 at the Jack Byrne Hospice Center in Dartmouth, New Hampshire.

Joe was a fine guy who always looked at the world through an optimistic lens. He grew up and worked in New York and spent the last ten years of his life in Vermont. He was a wonderful brother to Elizabeth Doering of New York, Kathleen Friedman of New York, Kim Marie Gray of Georgia and Tom Kauffmann of Utah. He was a much-loved uncle to Brian, Eddie, Elaina, Kyle, Robert and TJ, and he adored his grand-nephew, Jacob.  Joe made friends wherever he went and supported those he loved no matter the cost, whether emotionally or physically. He always gave his all.

He will be missed, greatly.