Craig Cantwell, music man, Quaker, peace maker

As a young man from the Philadelphia area, he was diagnosed with a severely debilitating form of hereditary arthritis, complicated with other chronic health problems, affecting plans of any long-term career. With this diagnosis, Craig chose to live his life pursuing his passion for music and peacemaking. As a young man, he enjoyed working in music supporting bands as a sound technician and road manager. He also worked as a volunteer to better poor living conditions of Native Americans living on reservations throughout North America. In 1994 he moved to Brattleboro and in 1995 became a Quaker and member of Putney Friends Meeting. He followed his leading to dedicate his life to the ways of a peacekeeper and working for equality for all. Craig had a saying: “It’s all about balance, without balance nothing will ever work right and will eventually fall apart.” He was an active member of Amnesty International as well as being active on the Peace and Social Concerns Committee of Putney Friends Meeting. Craig helped co-found The Family Peace Project, Inc. of Brattleboro volunteering many hours of working along with others trying to bring active peace in family life to those touched by physical and emotional violence. He founded the Southern Vermont Digital Forensics Lab, devoted to proving a level playing field for people who are accused and often innocent. Craig’s favorite poem was “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. He felt that it best described his life.

Family Information

Craig is survived by his father, sister, and niece.