Suzanne K. Marcotte, selfless, an artist in the kitchen, mother

Suzanne K. Marcotte, 71, of Colchester, Vermont passed away on May 29, 2022 in her home surrounded by her family after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. 

Suzanne was born to Harvey and Teresa Marcotte of Winooski, Vermont on November 14th, 1950. Suzanne spent her childhood in Winooski, and her adult life in Colchester.

Suzanne lived her life on her own terms. She rose every morning with the sun to greet the seasons with her dogs by her side. A lifelong Vermonter, she loved to walk, ski, or snowshoe the rolling hills among her beloved sugar maples, ironwood, and white pine. Solitary by nature, she chose her friends sparingly but wisely. This self-imposed solitude allowed her to develop a unique style unfettered by popular trends, a style reflected in the home of her design where she lived for more than forty years. Suzanne asked little of others, yet gave generously and selflessly of herself. She was perhaps most at home in her kitchen, where her talent and artistry were in full bloom. Suzanne appreciated and recreated cuisine from all over the world, dishes enhanced as much by the fresh herbs from her garden as they were by her fine taste and attention to detail. 

Although very private, Suzanne had a magnetic personality. She could captivate you with her smile and brighten your day with her humor. Her ability to put strangers at ease was remarkable. She was that person you’d just met that felt like you’d known your whole life. 

A note from her children: 

Mom, it seems an embarrassment of riches that we had you nearly all to ourselves. I wish the world had known you the way we did. You would have brightened their days as surely as you had ours

Mom, we thank you for making each one of us feel special in our own unique way. We thank you for all the birthdays and holiday celebrations you organized with your own flair. We thank you for all the rides to the slopes, all the homemade lunches, all the elements endured, the frozen toes, the early mornings, and the late evenings,  all for our sake. Some of our best memories were shared on our bikes, exploring this idyllic state, this Vermont of our youths. Together, we pedaled countless country roads, back-woods trails, and singletrack, you as spry and fit as the teenagers you accompanied. Together we shared the smell of spring lilacs, fresh-cut hay, and the first fallen leaves of autumn. We shared the sight of the last of winter's receding snow on the Greens and the tender green of the spring's new growth. We pedaled through the cloying heat of summer, with its abundant daylight hours and the occasional garish sunset as an encore. We welcomed the fall’s cooling temperatures that oxygenated our lungs, strengthened our legs, and blushed the leaves with color. Thank you for sharing these things with us. We will always think of you when we return to these places. You are the reason we return to these places.

It is these memories, among many more, that simultaneously warm our hearts and sharpen our grief. This great paradox of life, that today’s joy whets tomorrow’s sadness, may be its most cosmic truth. The resultant pain is proportionate to the bliss. May we all be so lucky as to experience both acutely. We are wearied by the claims that time will dull the anguish of your passing. No number of years could fill the chasm left by your absence. You were our treasure alone, the breath in our lungs, the reason for our souls. Like your love for us, our grief is limitless. We will always remember.

You’re woven into our bones.

Family Information

Suzanne is survived by her children: Nathan Brault, Darren Brault, Darcie (Kyle) Mumley, and two grandchildren; her siblings, Floyd Marcotte, Diane Marcotte and Paul (Cathy) Marcotte; and her best friend, Kathy Provencher.

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