Stewart McHenry, professor, photographer, grandfather

Stewart McHenry passed away in May 2022, after a long life filled with happiness.

Stewart came to Vermont in the 1970s to teach cultural geography, first at UVM, then at many other VT colleges.  Later in his career he modified his course offerings to teach future military leaders at Norwich University about middle eastern extremism and terrorism.

Stewart graduated from the University of Chicago and earned graduate degrees in cultural geography from Southern Illinois University and Syracuse University.  Stewart was a passionate learner of other cultures and was especially interested in the people of the Middle East and Turkey and was proud to teach others about them.

After retiring Stewart began honing his photography/art skills and created many beautiful pieces which have been displayed throughout Vermont.

Stewart is survived by his son, Alex, and daughter, Kathy, his grandchildren, and many nephews and nieces.  He was a devout Christian, worshiping at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul for over 40 years, and truly followed Jesus’ instructions to love others as you would love yourself.

Although cultural geography was his passion, his greatest love was for his family.  Highlights of his life were when he was with family, whether it was a rare trip across the country, or a Sunday dinner in town.  He was nicknamed “Uncle Snorey Guy” for his post-Thanksgiving meal naps by his young nephews and nieces and loved being around them.  At his nephew’s son’s wedding a few years ago he was dancing to millennial songs and having the time of his life.

A funeral service for Stewart will be held at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul on July 23 at 10:00 am - Cherry Street.  All are welcome.

Family Information

Son is Alex McHenry of South Burlington, VT; daughter is Katherine McHenry of Massachusetts.