Gregory Thayer: A uniting of conservative Republicans

Editor's note: This commentary is by Gregory M. Thayer, of Bomoseen, who is the founder of the Vermonters for Vermont initiative and an accountant in private practice. He is former Rutland City aldermen, Vermont Young Republicans chairman and Rutland City GOP chairman. 

[T]he only way to revitalize the Republican Party is to take a solid conservative message to the people in Vermont, and to start on the Church Street Marketplace in downtown Burlington and the Old North End. True Republicans have a solid message for Vermonters to lift them up and to help them create opportunity through risk that people must take and not rely on the government to give them something free. Remember, nothing is ever free. Someone paid for that “free item” at some point. Republicans have a rich history of doing great things for all people in Vermont!

Conservatism has a solid and rich history here in the beautiful Green Mountain State for nearly 164 years, since our inception to abolish slavery in 1864. I’m not going to get into specific history and I do not need to reiterate the past. I believe in solutions and the way to move the message forward.

Vermont is in a seriously concerning state right now. Republicans hold only six seats out of a 30-member body of the state Senate and only 43 Republicans, in a 150-member state House. The Progressives have all the control and the power, and yes, I said the progressives. Our GOP legislative leaders and Gov. Phil Scott need to stay present under the Gold Dome and stand up and fight for true conservative principles and values.

There is a way to combat this mess, I’m not going to lay blame or finger point as I’m a positive person and I’m going to lay out solutions to this problem, hence I am putting this in place now as a new initiative, just established: Vermonters for Vermont. A political education program, bringing all the conservative Republican fringe groups together to develop a message and plan to organize and reach out to all Vermonters: Vermonters for Vermont, Vermonters for Trump, Vermont for Healthcare Freedom, Vermont School Choice Groups, Gun Owners of Vermont group, Green Mountain Republicans, and other groups that espouse true conservative Republican values. We will be aggressive, fact based, and provide information with humility. The late former Lt. Gov. Barbara Snelling, in the past used a “compare & contrast” form to separate herself from her political opponent. Nothing negative as well as simple fact based on principle. We will start in on the Progressive stronghold and work the state as a whole, to communicate our conservative Republican message. There are copious amounts of opportunities to reach people. Today they are not receiving any Republican message. That, my friends, is changing today!

The policies and plan that the Progressives want to adopt here in Vermont are unjust and wrong. BIG government is not the answer. Socialism or democratic-socialism falls short of the answer. Vermonters are thrifty, smart and frugal people. Progressives will kill the state's spirit, and hold the individual back. The policies are predicated on big government control and a false, empty promise of free programs; the use of buzzwords that confuse the general public is abundant. The true meaning of universal health care is total government control of one's health care decisions. Wrong. Everyone needs to be in charge and have choices and freedoms of oneself. The left's deception is horrid, and that is stopping now. This “Vermonters for Vermont” initiative is about showing and teaching all the people what the candidates are going to do and for the people, if elected. We want to show the public how important it is to know the candidate and not just vote for them, but to vote for the policies one deems fit to their personal values. Words are important and attention to detail plays a vital role in election periods.

This is our state, too. We all love Vermont for many different reasons. Some of us were born here and never left, some left and returned, and some just came here. I for one am proud for all Vermonters, and more so, that you are here and making Vermont your home. Therefore, we need to keep the state of Vermont great and do the right things for all Vermonters. Please join us! We can do this, together!

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